Lockup when loading map

I can’t believe I am the only one having this problem, but since I have not seen anyone else report it I guess I am. When I load a map that I downloaded, some times the game will lock up when I try to load the map to play it, so I never can play them. I now had it happen for the first time with a map I created myself. But only as the attacker.

what version of the game do you have, because I thought I just fixed this. The version is on the main start screen, top right.

I have version 1.009

Interesting, can you give me an example of a map that does this? (there is an ID on the far left of the list)

Map ID 10075, the first time I tried it, I got an error it could not find the map, the second time it got a little bit over 1/2 way loading the map before locking up.

Aha there is a bug in that one, by the looks of it. I’ll delete it, and get a fix in the next patch that prevents challenges corrupted in that way from being posted. Thankyou for reporting it.

But what’s the bug, since a map I did, which I have not loaded up to the board yet since I can’t play it as an attacker does the same thing when I try to load it. I like to fix it so I can finish the map and play it as the attacker to balance it out before uploading it.

I think it’s related to posting a recording, but unticking the unit, or unticking the map when it is needed. The next version of the game will include the map if it’s needed and not otherwise, and not rely on the player to choose it correctly. If in doubt, tick everything :smiley:

Ok, thanks. I guess I will wait until the next version of the game and see if that helps, so I can finish the map.

Sorry it took me so long to get back. I am up to Version 1.011, and it still locks up with maps. Some times as the attacker some times as the defender.

The problem is some maps have been uploaded in a broken condition and it’s not easy for me to detect which ones, so I need to go through and find them. Changes on the client side won’t prevent that, but if people notify me of any broken ones I’ll get them removed.

I wish I knew what I was doing wrong with the map I am working on. It works fine as defender, but locks up while loading as attacker. I have done around 5 maps already and they all came out just fine, but this last one has me stump on why it will not load as attacker.

This is a map you have created and are having trouble playing it as custom yourself? without going through the online stuff?
What version of the game do you have running?

I am running Version 1.011, I can run it only in defense mode, but when I try to be the attacker, it locks up as it loads the map. Yes this is a map I created which I have not uploaded yet since I wish to balance it out from both sides.

The next time it happens could you email the debug files to cliff AT positech.co.uk
The files can be found in

\my documents\my games\gratuitous tank battles\debug

If you could also send the map, you will find it in

\my documents\my games\gratuitous tank battles\scenarios

or failing that, post it as a challenge to me, username cliffski, and email me to tell me it’s been posted.


You got it, I am crashing now, got to get some sleep, but when I wake up will do.

Just e-mailed the debug and map files to you.

Thanks, I’ve reproduced the hang. it’s a design flaw which I will fix, but you can work around it for now…

Basically the AI, as defender, has too many points. It can’t find slots to place all of it’s starting units, and it spins trying to find somewhere. if you reduce their starting supplies or increase the defending slots, that will fix it for now.
I’ll add a fix for the next patch which ensures that in these cases, the AI just sits on the remaining supplies.

Ok, thanks. Will make the correction to it.

Got the latest patch, 1.012 but the problem is still there.