Login Failed!

Purchased the Campaign today, but cannot play it…

Get the message: “Login Failed! Either your PC is not online, your firewall is blocking the game, or your serial number is not valid. Please check and try again.”

I’ve checked all (multiple times) but am still unable to play.

  1. My PC is Online - just downloaded the game and am now online posting.
  2. Checked my firewall setting to ensure GSB.exe had full access (no joy) then even disabled the firewall altogether (still no joy).
  3. My serial number is valid - even have the “Code Valid - Thank You” listed under “Online” from the menu.

Please help…

It seems its not just me then, I had the same problem today:


Is this still happening? is it possible it was just a connection to the server that was temporarily down?

I don’t know how to tell what server the game is attempting to contact, let alone its status.

I just tried at 12:56 central time again, and gave the same error “not online, firewalled, or bad code”, i’m online, my firewall is good, and my password is green.

The server is definitely fine, so it must be some kind of software that is blocking the game accessing the net. It could be a firewall, some other internet security software or similar, or a proxy setting maybe?
do you have any software that might have recebntly been updated or reconfigured that could block it? has your IP changed and an IP entry in a firewall not been updated?
If its none of these, you could email me the files in
\my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles\debug


Same here, still no go. I just emailed you both of the files located in the debug folder, hope that helps.


Thanks for the help Cliff! All works great now.

Wish I could get that kind of support from the “big guys”…and why I’ll keep supporting you (and your cats).

This is the same problem I am having. With some programs Windows will request I grant access to the program. That has never happened for GSB. I do not have a third party firewall program.

it might be that the firewall popup is hidden behind the GSB window. Make sure the game is running windowed to ensure you see it.

I am having this problem as well. Can’t do anything online: play campaign, check high scores, or do challenges.

Edit: Seems to be working now. I just went to ‘Online’ and re-submitted my key.