Long list of ideas/suggestions.

Absolutely love this game. Tim you’re brilliant, Cliff you’re a visionary! I have over 30-40hrs of playtime now and I have come up with a rather large list of improvements and ideas that I think could help the game, some of these may have been mentioned before, and I tried to weed out ones I saw in other threads, but that’s too massive a job to cross reference everything below… But first the good stuff! I am a huge fan of the way the belt dragger works, it’s so smooth and intuitive in 90% of circumstances (the other 10% to be addressed below), I saw you using the separate t-junction tool in your dev-vlogs and that looked super frustrating to use. I like the way that researchers/explorers gain points for upgrades when they’re idle. It’s a neat mechanic that I’ve never seen used quite like this before. I really enjoy puzzling out my complex manufacturing lines, there is a great feeling of accomplishment when you can manage to squeeze a huge line into a tiny spot. The UI is generally very simple and easy to use. I like how the research tree radiates from a central point rather than branching just up or downwards, fairly unique. It’s also great how there is tons of replay value. I’m sure this will get even better as new content is added moving towards release. All in all, great game.

Now on to the ideas. These are in no particular order, if someone would like to group them into categories listing just the bullet point sentences that would be cool, and probably make it easier for Tim to sift through later.

Any good econ sim needs graphs. I want a reports page that will allow me to see a variety of statistics, with adjustable date ranges, for me vs my competitors.

-Achievement colours, blue is barely visible. All currently cool colours.
The colours for achieving various ranks of mastery are too similar, especially the blue and the green. It’s very hard to distinguish between them. Perhaps something like orange for experienced? Or change it entirely to something more recognizably tiered, ie. Bronze, Silver, Gold. Just as long as you switch from cool to warm to cool or vice versa for clarity.

-More hotkeys and configurable.
I’m sure this is on your list all ready. Just in case though, definitely need configurable hotkeys for so many things: pausing, game speed, and paging between view tabs to name a few.

-Disable side scrolling option! I’m a pauser.
This drove me nuts. I’m a pauser and so anytime an event would go off that I want to pause for I’d race my pointer over to the pause button and then my whole map starts scrolling to the left and down as I hit the edge of the screen. Please add an option to disable side-scrolling in the options.

-map scroll rate sensitivity adjuster.
Self explanatory, allow us to adjust how fast/slow map scrolling happens when using arrow keys, wasd, and edge scrolling.

-Market saturation/net demand is impossible to guess.
These numbers are a complete mystery and have no simple correlation I can fathom. When I research a new upgraded cure I want to maximise my production asap but I have to wait to determine how much saturation selling thirty pills a month is before I can expand my line out to three to six production lines. Maybe display how this how many sufferers per month as well as total? Or give a mostly accurate (or perfectly accurate) score in the saturation tooltip giving you that percentage for 30/mo.

-Y axis has confusing values on cure graphs.
On the cures page the Y axis, relating to number of sufferers or a percentage for some cures, not really sure; makes no sense to me. The visual representation is fairly good, just by glancing I tend to get what this information does, even if I can’t fathom where the numbers come from.

-Manufacturing speed/space used of top makers makes them not worth using.
The top makers, namely the satchet and syringe machines, are nearly pointless. Their sheer size and their speed means that for optimal efficiency I need to to place many of them. The amount of floor space required for three syringe makers is not worth it to bother, I’d rather just have another manufacturing line in that space. I like how the more advanced machines are bigger, I’d rather see the speed for the advanced makers be dropped down to one so they are competitive with the creamer.

-Visual indicator of which input port is ‘base’ for mixers and similar.
Not that huge a deal, but it’d be nice to be able to see from the production map which port on a mixer or similar device is the ‘base’ ingredient. Maybe a highlight on the input port that toggles back and forth as you toggle the base in the machine.

-Events are ignorable, too short, not enough of an increase or decrease to bother.
I don’t think I ever once edited a line to take advantage of some limited market shift. As above the numbers are too small and the events don’t last long enough to bother.

-Limit events to unlocked cure trees only?
One thing that would make a difference is if these events only triggered on cure trees that either the player or AI has unlocked. So once you unlock a new ingredient then any of the cures in its list from lvls 1-5 can potentially show up as an event. Can’t count how many times some event for allergy meds or whatever triggered and when I looked allergy meds are buried somewhere towards the bottom of the potential ingredients. By the time my explorers find it the event is over.

-Click and drag with delete tool.
Allow us to sell off whole sections of our machines with a simple click and drag.

-Planning mode.
There needs to be some sort of planning mode available. I want to be able to work out how long/ how much space my line will take before I place a single belt or machine. Prison Architect has a good example. Just three different types of squares that I can place easily, are visually distinct, and allow you to plan your every move. Then with planning mode selected you just right-click and drag to remove the indicators.

-Six point catalyst?
Not sure if this is a bug or not, but on my play through of Quick Draw, once I completed the objective I just went through to unlock everything so I could see what it was all about. I unlocked everything but the ‘Cancer Vaccine’ and ‘Cures HIV’ cures because none of the side effects available (I had discovered all possible ingredients) had the purple six-point catalyst listed. I was rather bummed.

-Max upgrade in research doesn’t show how much your benefiting by.
When you fully upgrade a machine on the research tab the info screen no longer shows the advantage lvl 5 confers.

-Date is too small and too light to read easily.
Please make contrast better with the white background, larger would be good too. I’m running 1366x768, so not too big, and it’s very hard to read.

-Painting should be free.
I wanted to use painting to make X and Y cure lines more easily identifiable when zoomed out but the $10 price tag turned me off. In the early game I need every dollar I have to spend on research/experimentation and increasing revenue/profits. In the late game my machines are so massive that they create their own distinct looks and I don’t bother. As this has no game effect, just makes things prettier for the player, can these be made free?

-Advanced machine for maxing value.
Basically the inverse of the Ultraviolet Curer, brings concentration up to 20. ‘Distillation Aparatus’ for its name, maybe?

-Don’t make all machines require belts.
I was utterly horrified when I watched some of Tim’s YouTube videos and he said he was going to make all ports require a belt, no more butting of machines directly up against each other. My advanced lines take up tons of space all ready, they don’t need more just for belts.

-Shift to toggle which directions your belts flow.
While dragging belts allow us to use shift or ctrl to toggle where the belt flows. Left then up, or up then left; or of course right then up, or up then right.

-Rotate map, possible to have belts hidden behind big machines.
Please allow us to rotate the production map. I’ve had belts and analyzers hidden behind big machines that make it difficult to select the hidden item.

-Cure range fixed, so show on cure page after cure has been produced.
So the cure range of each cure is fixed. For example ‘Treats Diabetes’ range is always 1-5. I’d like to see this number on the cures page so I can plan out my line from one page, rather than having to bounce back and forth. Only way to see this is by clicking on upgraded ingredient in the production window at the moment.

-More detailed balance sheet, include monthly/daily views.
Probably all ready in the works, this could go hand in hand with the aforementioned graphs.

-Rate of permanent cure as a percentage.
I’d like to know what my permanent cure rate is as a percentage. So what are the odds someone will be cured by taking this cure. This, of course, would only display after X units sold, maybe a hundred or two, or quicker by running through an analyser.

-Indicator next to Net Demand percentage indicating if it is currently trending up or down.
Just a little green arrow if trending up, a red one if trending down.

-Toggle for cures graph that lets you set different times eg. 6mos, 1 year, 2yr, 5yr, 10yr, all time.
Allowing you to see how the disease is progressing over time.

-Indicator when other companies are selling competing products on company pages.
Just a little icon displaying the colour of a competitor that is in direct competition with one of my products. So I can know at a glance something is competing with me on my company page. These could use the companies colour.

-AI went insolvent?
I have a game where Katana Tech, with Chan as their CEO, went insolvent. They stopped making any cures and their Cashflow sheet is blank. Is this supposed to happen?

-Collapsible list with old cures available? I like to compare my old to new.
So when I obsolete an old cure it goes down to the collapsible obsolete list. Have this on the company page. Also, show the ‘last sold for’ value as well as current sale value for discontinued cures so I can compare them to my current builds.

-Loans should display total repayment cost for the term including interest.
Separately from the loan amount, of course. Obviously you only pay that full amount if you don’t repay the loan early.

-Alert when a cure goes from profit to break even or a loss.
Self explanatory.

-Show base value for a cure at 100% Net Demand in cures page.
Then I can work out myself how much effect an increase or decrease in demand will make on my profits.

-New tech ‘Import Management’. Allows you to set the input pace on your ports to a max of 3-7/day fully upgraded. Starting value of two.
I want to be able to make hyper-efficient lines with one incoming port servicing multiple lines. Allow me to adjust the speed of import by clicking on the port once this tech is unlocked. Could make belt speeds look silly at higher levels, especially on 2x game speed.

Machine that speeds up the next or last, not both, machine in line by one. Two if fully upgraded, minimum process time is 1.
This could mitigate the floor space factor of the advanced machines if you don’t want to drop their base speed. Also, make the first four upgrade levels for this machine have no effect, but the level five reduces speed by up to two.

-Ability to choose starting tile, perhaps from a limited set of options, depending on scenario.

I am unhappy. Belts look cool and all but I don’t feel they’re so vital as to make space even more cramped. Some of my more complex lines all ready take up the majority of an entire factory.

That being said my old save games still work, with butted machines. Also, if you feel this ‘feature’ is absolutely necessary you should do it by just making the machines not work when butted up against each other, and mention this in a tutorial. The current method of just not allowing me to place it screws up my ability to move machines to a storage area as I have to worry if unconnected machines inputs/outputs don’t line up.

You forget to mention you updated the Net Demand tooltip to display how much oversaturation is affecting price.

You’ve summed up all of my thoughts. Like all of them. Literally agreed on all counts. Are you me?

The only thing I guess I could add is that instead of having a specified total income, make it a specified income rate. If your income is high enough, you’ll win eventually.

Oh, one other thing, I’d love a sandbox mode to experiment with customizable ingredients and no economic concerns.

There is already an option to stop time anytime u need to name a cure, if Tim extend this option to any opened event i think this will be fine…

They are extremely huge indeed, but also extremely effective on high rank cures. A triple siringe injector combined with a optimal cure can give you 180% combined value! (40% as bonus from the siringe and 40% for the S+ rating u can easily obtain) On a cure that already sell for 800-1000 it’a a lot of extra income! Sure, u have to take into account a big chunk to extra space, but i don’t think that u can fit another line nearly as profitable as that bonus. On the satchet i give you a bit more credit, but it’s not that huge like siringes and they shine when used with 2 or 3 cure togheter. I think that upgraded makers are really worth if u manage to find the space for them.

Not only for max concentration (i propose “the cristallizator”), but an opposite of the cromatograph that always set the concentration to 10 (Stabilizer pulser) and a next tier machine after ionizer and agglomerator for +/- 5 concentration will be nice (Purifier for +5, and Osmotic filter for -5), maybe that let u specify the concentration within that range like a mini sequencer…

I think u simply bankrupt them… they can eventually lose like u can i think…

This will need multiple paralleled machines, or multi input-output machines with high speed belts that move ingredients for more than 1 tile per day…i don’t know if i like that, but i’m sure this could brake the game easily… i don’t want to think what nightmare will be make multimixers work with hispeed belts and crossroads… also, those machine and belts must cost 10 times more than normal ones. i’ll rather prefer tunnels for semiproduct from one area to the near one instead of over complicated machine tree, with an inferno of inputs and outputs…

I’m ok with the other things, more info are always beneficial, especially those info that don’t change through scenarios