Long time no see...

I’m back with a vengeance, I was gone for a while (almost a year). I check occasionally on these forums to see what’s going on, but now I am really back, and this time, I’m bringing all of my modding power!

My plan is the same as my old mod, to compile all of the mods (with permission) of GSB into one massive, balanced, and epic mash-up of universe colliding proportions!

I’ll make a new thread for the mod again when I’m ready.

I’ve also brought some really good Photoshop skills with me, so plan to see some of my own ships included!

Allright, goodluck with that.

Welcome back, and yes, we hope u include awesome gratuitouness homemade ships in it!!

Sounds pretty nice, and [size=200]HARD[/size] to do, good luck xD

Understatement of the millenium, and agreed in full.