Look familiar?


Indeed they do :slight_smile:

Those designs are done by the very talented artist Irrational who designed the ships for GSB (and is one of our forum members)

If you have some time, have a look at his home page for more designs, there are some awesome designs that he has made for other projects.

I’ve been thinking about getting into miniatures, as I’m running surface RT and cannot play GSB at the moment.
Some of his miniatures are very expensive! Ever since ebay started we’ve had all these silly online prices: $3.26, $7.01… Why?

Anyway, he has some great designs. I wonder if he’ll be designing new ships for GSB2.

Hmm, I have pondered that myself. I guess time will tell. (or you could send Cliffski a PM and see if he responds)

Apart from the new graphics, I am also interested to see what new gameplay GSB2 will bring:

  • More in depth 4x Campaign ?
  • Single Player Campaign where you start as a lowly captain ?
  • <>

Actually, I hope it doesn’t get too 4x, or we are given the option. Sometimes I just want to watch ships blasting each other without much thought for credits and shipyards. Remember the g in gsb.
I really hope we have some game play news on gsb2 soon to keep spirits up - I thought I saw a tumbleweed blow through the forum earlier…

Totally agree. It wouldn’t be GSB without the ability to jump straight into a battle and watch millions of credits worth of spectacular fireworks.

GSB2 is definitely being worked on! screenshot evidence:

I’m also hoping to have the same artist do the ships for GSB 2, although it’s a bit more complex this time around for reasons I’ll divulge later.
I don’t plan on making GSB 2 too much of a 4x game. I think the dedicated 4x games do that enough as it is. I do agree that the simple list of scenarios for the GSB 1 singleplayer campaign could have been expanded upon, and I’d certainly like to spruce that up a bit.
Generally the ethos of the game will remain the same. Design cool fleets of spaceships that blow each other to bits in a really nice explodey way. It will be better, much more gratuitous, and much more polished.
Plus modders are going to love it :smiley:

I would like to see a more comprehensive challenge system with an ability to join / run integrated ladder’s and tournaments in place. This would help in alleviating the rock/paper/scissor/lizard/spock syndrome.
Also an ability to restrict DLC’s so only appropriate ones can respond would be nice for those who do not have all contents.

Another day another fleet destroyed.

What I desire most from GSB2 is a new gameplay mode, in addition to Battles, Campaigns and Challenges. Maybe something like Arcade; you can take with you one ship of each type and then encounter a series of battles all the way up to a boss fight.

Not entirely sure how useful a lone fighter is going to be. Might need some adjustment on those numbers.

I think you misunderstood. To be more clear; One ship type/design. I.e the modify/design ship module is disabled once you enter, so you are stuck with whatever you created as you enter the “tournament”.

Oh, right. That makes a lot more sense than what I thought you were saying.