Looking for a bit of help on beam textures - Fixed

So I have been having some trouble with a beam weapon that I am making; Specifically, the graphics. I have no idea what I am doing wrong, but the end of the beam looks like this:
When it should just be… the beam ending. I am also having issues with the blast texture. This is what I want:
But this is what I get:
Here is the atlas, if that helps anyone figure out what is wrong.

Please help me! I did everything right as far as I know, and I am completely stumped. Thank you for any help you can give me.

[size=200]EDIT: FIXED[/size]

(beam atlas was wrong size, installed the corrected version, but the wrong file type)

Really weird… i have three theories: First, the blast section of the beam fx is a bit too down, marking the reason of why you almost cannot notice the blast in-game (cuz it is shared under the turret sprite). Second, a wrongly coded module. Third, a weird game bug…

Your texture was too long vertically. The height should be exactly twice the width. I cut the top off the beam and it seems to sit right when superimposed on another beam texture.

Thanks for pointing that out, Dantalion, but it didn’t help :confused:
Anyone else got ideas?