Looking for a Reference Guide

After changing the ini file, this plays fine on my netbook, except for one thing. I can’t see the stats for any of the modules because the gui is all squished up. I’m wondering if there are any sort of reference sheet out there I could use when designing my ships.

which .ini file?

in Win7 it’s at
C:\Users\UserName\Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\Prefs.ini

Change height to 600, or what ever else suits your needs.

There’s stats on the GUI?


(I did the same thing as you and installed it on my netbook. Just a tip for small screened people, I just discovered that there’s a hidden option to change the max-zoom out level in the config file, you betcha I’m going to up that when I get home)

Yeah, it’s awesome. I set my max zoom to 0.5 (which translates to ‘zoom out twice as far’) so I can get an overview. Word of warning though - if you kill your frame rate by being too far zoomed out, you’ll make the battles play out a bit differently to normal, so stay zoomed in if tons is going on.

I guess that’s a no huh… I might make up something myself and post it on here. I’m thinking something like a booklet of screenshots from the in game stat panel. Any one have any codes for unlimited honor or anything so I could put this together quickly on my desktop, which I don’t usually play this on?