Looking for help with minister attribute ratings

Ministers are rated for loyalty, experience, and effectiveness. I’m having trouble understanding those ratings. For example:

  1. A minister has a short, red bar for experience. Their experience is low and falling? I don’t understand that one.

  2. The same minister has medium length, orange bars for the other two attributes. I take that to mean medium and unvarying scores on those; but I’ve not seen that color explained anywhere, so I’m unsure.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hello muun,
What is your prefered language / mother tongue?

Please read handbook
\Democracy 3\D3Manual.pdf - pages 9 and 10,

Cabinet Government … 9
Political Capital … 9
Minister Effectiveness … 9
Voter Effects … 10
Reshuffles & Firings … 10

Actually, it’s all pretty straight forward.

loyalty, is loyalty for the President == YOU
sympathies for 2-3 voter groups, gives or drains loyalty for the President == YOU
job wish gives or drains effectiveness etc

the length of each bar shows the stength
the color just emphasizes this.

There is a built-in minister’s-loyalty-loss-over-time, this is normal.

For selecting a GOOD new minister for a ministry/job:
1st: select ONLY a minister having green loyalty,
2nd: sympathies for voter groops who are green or orange (NOT red!),
3rd: job wish list contains the ministry you are going to put him.
Each minister has a few jobs they would especially like, and these are the
ones in which they would be most effective.

If you go by this list you should be doing ok.

Ministers give bonuses towards your policies.
But first, THEY MUST STAY. If they leave you, sympathies voter groups will be pissed!

Experience and effectiveness increase over time. Meaning more strength of bonuses.
If you win a vote all stats go up greatly for all active ministers.

The rest you’ll find out while having fun playing the game :slight_smile: