Looking for some answers

At version 2.4 or 2.41.

Why whenever I load the game the speed value changes?

How to replicate this bug:

  1. create a new game.
  2. go from planet a to planet b.
  3. before you reach your destination, save the game.
  4. load the game multiple times and watch the speed values.

At some point in my advanced game the speed of my ship became 0/36 and I had to reload the game multiple times to get a chance for the speed to be like 10-14/36 just so I could move.

I had engineers, navigators, pilots… all with good morale
plenty of engines, turbo engines, fuels, etc. No breakdowns or illness or whatever. Speed value changed just by reloading the game over and over.


Whenever you load your game, the passangers and/or cargo available on planets change. Passengers on your ship might change their rating % too.

I can email my save if that helps.