Loophole: Implementing then cancelling donor policy

If a donor asks you to implement a policy, if you do so then immediately cancel the policy on the same turn the donor will stay with the party.

This is true…until we find a way to prevent you doing that!..BUT this gets counted as a policy flip-flop as I recall, which will annoy voters by making them more cynical, and also reduces the perception of trustworthiness in you as leader. I don’t think the game currently explicitly warns you about this, which is something we should consider adding…

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Also it costs political capital to implement and cancel so it is not free depending on the policy and cost it could be a turn or more worth of political capital.

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I agree it’s not a free move, but the behaviour of the donor doesn’t make sense. If they were going to leave the party if you refused to implement their idea, then it’s rather strange that they’d stick around if you agree but then immediately cancel.

My problem isn’t that it’s a free move, or that you don’t suffer any consequence, it’s just that the behaviour of the donor isn’t realistic.

I understand perhaps there can be an option to not allow policies to revert in the same quarter.

I think we should always allow that, but make it penalized. it already is…through the flip flop mechanism, but I agree the donor should not be unbelievable. I need to add some code that makes that donor insta-quit if you revert the decision within a certain period. (more work than it sounds because currently they do not have any memory of previous demands, so it needs to be stored in save games etc)