Losing Campaign Progress

I am having problems with the game losing progress in the campaign and the scores from battles I have completed. This is doubly odd because the medals I have earned, the items I have unlocked and the new units I have designed are all still showing up but I am back to only having completed 2 levels, rather than the 4 levels I completed yesterday.

It seems to be something odd when it syncs to the online service possibly downloading an older save and overwriting my local progress :frowning: Has anyone else seen similar problems?

I bought via steam but am launching direct from the exe to avoid crash issues, please let me know any other information required.

I had the game crash the first time I played. Now the very first campaign mission remains locked even though I’ve completed it and the next two. When I first go to the campaign screen it starts as selected and only has the options to defend (as I think it should) but after I select mission 2 or 3 I can’t select it again because the lock is still there. Strange right?

I love the game and would love to help it fix these bugs. Great work so far.

It is possible you accidentally opened through Steam one time or the other. What I do know is that Steam sometimes reverts your save to an older one, especially if you have been playing through the .exe like me. I have had Steam reverting my unit designs back to older ones after I did so. Haven’t had it reverting campaign progress yet though.

This definitely sounds like a bug with the steam cloud synch implementation. I shall investigate, but in the mean time, you can disable cloud synch for the game on the steam properties dialog for GTB.