Losing my cabinet

How do you keep this from happening? I have tried this playing this game several times now, and it seems that I cannot keep my cabinet loyal regardless of what I do. I always end up having to fire my entire cabinet either piecemeal or or in its entirety which results in either an assassination attempt because i don’t have the political influence to enact all my changes (the grand majority of how i fail), or an inability to win the election,both due to severe lack of popularity. I am playing as a conservative capitalist, and have played in multiple countries with consistent results. I don’t want to have to mod the game to hell and back just to be able to complete it without being a complete socialist-liberal, which the game appears to be heavily slanted towards favoring.

In Democracy 2 (and 3 I think), you can reduce the options of of dilemma’s, difficulty, ect. That makes it easier to tailor your country how you want.

I feel your pain, you should try implementing communism. :wink: I can only get close to that with a low difficulty level, I first keep as many groups happy to win elections and gain political capital, consistent budget surpluses for my reserves, next I start with the socialist policies, abolition of sales tax, trade union rights, university, maximum childcare provision, etc. Finally, I get to reducing income tax, increasing corporation tax,(the closest I can get to expropriating the expropriators), loosening gun laws (ideally I’d like a workers militia), and drug laws, and chopping down the secret state apparatus - the intelligence services.

Cutting the state’s monopoly on violence, the military, police and even reduce state education because trade unions could potentially take over that role (to facilitate a semi/partial-state into a withering state). That’s the theory, but as much as I would like it to be so, the game doesn’t allow me to be immune to market forces and international capital, therefore I never fully move towards international communism, a moneyless, classless, stateless society. I only really get a few cheers for getting rid of poverty and having a world class healthcare system.