Loss becomes Victory!

I don’t know if I should record this as a bug or a “feature”. :slight_smile: I recently played a level as the Order. Regrettably, I actually lost the battle and the message displayed the defeat. I left the message up as I headed up for dinner, but I came back to a surprise. The message had changed from Defeat to Victory! The victory even earned me a small amount of honor. Check out the attachment. Notice how the screen shows I have 89% of the fleet left, but in the minimap there are NO white dots left. Any ideas why the battle results would change?

Thats extremely weird, and should be technically impossible. Are you able to reproduce it? what battle was it?

The battle was Conquering Chiarn Prime on Expert. If I remember right, I used a spam-load of radiation guns and I think at some point had managed to hit each of their ships (excepting the fighters) with radiation. You might not be able to tell from the screenshot, but there were only fighters left when I returned. Unfortunately, I’ve changed my ships since that point and have been unable to reproduce the results. However, I’ll post another screenshot and try to get you some more details if I am able to repeat the issue at some point.

I wonder if radiation damage killed the enemy ships after victory was declared… Even so, it should be impossible to get two results in one battle.

juat a shot in the dark here but…
is it possible that the radiation killed off enemy ships,changing the result “tab” but in fact not giving you honor and not logging that as a victory?
im prolly just blabbering here tho,i have no idea how the code works :slight_smile:

It appears I discovered a very perplexing and unique situation. Not only did the announcement change from Defeat to Victory, but the percentage of hitpoints also changed. The minimap shows only enemy vessels, the side bar shows all of my ships were destroyed, yet the percent at the top says I won 89-4. I can understand the defeat changing to a victory if radiation killed off the enemy vessels, but I don’t know why my percent would have increased back up to 89.

Still haven’t been able to duplicate - it’s been hard to lose by a close margin while spraying all of the enemy ships with radiation. The situation is probably such a rare occurrence that it’s not worth pursuing. :S

i think we have some gremlins in the game :smiley:
ah whatever, a little urban legend never hurt anyone…