Lost 2 races

I have lost the Empire and the Rebels , all their ship data is gone and i cannot choose them anymore , i have not been playing around with the program.
I have the Mac version and i recently bought Nomads but all was working fine for about 5 days then …poooooooph they were gone.
any ideas?

Are the files physically there inside the races directory? Can you see them but they are locked, or are they totally removed?

it says unavailable but i had unlocked them all and the files are completely dissapeared from the folder …but the weird thing is that the missing races still fight against you if you choose another race

Just a suggestion - post a screenshot to make it easy for everyone to see.

You has that you had unlocked them - When you go to fleet HQ are they still unlocked ?

I had unlocked all races , all modules and most hulls…now all the modules are locked again but my hi scores are still there so i cant get enough points to unlock them again. when it all happened i was the alliance and i could still use them , i changed to the federation and now the alliance is unavailable to me

All you have to do is win some more battles to earn some more honor to unlock the other races.

I would say that at some point, the file that tracks what you have unlocked has been overwritten.

open up unl.dat in notepad, its in the my documents / my games/ gratuitous space battles fodler. You can see there how to give yourself the points back to unlock those races again.

i am using mac version , where should i look there?

It’s in (Home)/Library/Preferences/GratuitousSpaceBattles/. If you don’t know how to find that folder, or need other help, feel free to email us at support (at) redmarblegames.com for any issues with the Mac version.