Lost battle without Capitelships....


I hae a strange Problem, in a Campain i got the Defaet Massage because all my Capitelships were destroyed!

But i had 3 Cruiser and about 75 Fighter!

After This i tryd it with 80 Fighters (no Cruiser no Frigate) and see there i got Victory!!

But the 5 Fighter dident make the differenc anyway because the enemy had way to slow weapons to go on my Fighters!!

I just want to tell that i would win with 3 Carrier and 75 Fighters or 80 Fighters dosent make differenc!!! But the Game tells me a Defeat iff i lose all my Carriers??? Thats a Bug or not ?

the HP value of your fighters must have been less than 10% of your fleet…you automaticly lose if your fleet falls to 10%.

hmm okay i will try this, i will tell in 30 min. if it is this issue.

I have also observed that, when you lose all your cruisers and only fighters are left, you may loose the battle even if you have a lot more than 10% HP left. I think one time I had 40% left or something like that.

I don’t have more details, I just wanted to confirm the observation made by dread2005.

I think this is not a bug, but a feature.

Edit: Tested and screenshot added

Like it works now, the player is encouraged to build fighter-only fleets, because he has more chances to win.
Maybee this should be modified. It would be better to encourage the player to use also cruisers and/or frigates.

I tride it too and had often more than 10% left… ? I think would be more logic to have Cruiserlike - Carrier/Support with teh Figthers…

You automatically lose any battle where you only have fighetrs left, after a set amount of time. You ultimately need something bigger than a fighter as a flagship.

But iff i just set Fighter as 100% Fleet! than i Win with just fighter!

If your fleet is 100% fighters you’ll automaticaly lose unless you can dispose of the ennemy quickly.