Lost my E-Mail with the Steam-Key

Hello everyone!

I bought the game while it was in the beta. I played for a while and then stoped. By now the game is released but I am afraid at some point without noticing I deleted the E-Mail with my Steam-Key for the full version.

Is there a way to help me with this problem?
I found a similar post about this where the guy was instructed to send an E-Mail with the E-Mail he used to buy the game to get the Steam-Key send again. Is this still an option? If yes I have to admit that I am not sure wich E-Mail I used back then. Is it posible to “guess” it? I have a few that could be the E-Mail I used. If non of them is the E-Mail I used I am screwed, but that’s my fault then.

With kind regards

Hey Enigma, don’t worry. It’s not one of those try three times and then you’re locked out type things. :wink:

Email me at support@twicecircled.com with your full name, address and as many email addresses as you can think of. I should be able to track down your purchase. :slight_smile:


Thanks Tim!
I just sended you an E-Mail if the information.

With kind regards

Thanks, your link was helpful for me too!

Tim was able to track my order back and just sended me my Steam-Key!
Everything worked out well.

Thanks to Tim for the great support!