Lots of Bugs List

I bought this very interesting looking game.
It has high potential, but unfortunately it has a lot of bugs. Hope to help you by listing a few hard once.
Do you need help in programming, translating,…? Drop me a mail.

The Fence of the Green area appear anywhere on the screen while zooming.

Tutorial sais: Use left mouse button to drag the screen. But Left mouse button is also placing an Object. So if you pick something to place, then drag in order to find position – it places instead of dragging. Draging should have priority over placing when holding an item and/or dragging should be right mouse button.

If you click on a car – the Sale price is different as in the Car Menu.
I think it is without the percentage selected there.

The color of the Cars appear “Random” and not the selected color in the car menu.
Think the last hovered color is used instead of the selected.

Colors in “Car design” are very strange as well.
I select Red in one Car. Then click on another and back – now its yellow…?
100% repo.

It took me a long long long time how to remove the material belt again. Because selecting them seems not to be possible. But – you need to select the tile Below the conveyor to highlight it, and not hover the mouse over the red bars of it….

Detail screen “jumping”.
Tried to update in “Fit Electronics” the Bluetooth Phone Support. But the Requirements changed exactly when I tried to press the button. So the complete window jumped and I cannot press the button, because it is all the time in a different position…
All buttons should stay at position and not jumping around.

What happens with a car, when I sell a station?
There should be a “Accept no further cars” for a station to run it empty before selling it.
Or a refund of the car. Or a place where “lost” cars are placed like in real factory a so called “Aussteuerband” for later use.

Removing belts – only one is removed by right mouse button. When dragging to the next nothing happens and you must release and click again. Like factorio while holding right mouse button it should continue to remove the next.

“Next slot not found” will never disappear, when relaying a belt. You need to remove complete station and place it again in order to work again.

Can’t find where to find the ratio. Example a “Make Seat” factory, how many lether or Metal do they need per Seat? 1 each?

There is no way of crossing conveyor belt. There should be an underground or overhead conveyor for cars to allow crossings.

I can’t figure out, how to build Pickup or other types of cars instead “Sedan”s. Cant find a button, Reasearch or help for this.

Small addition:
After saving and loading, color of cars is correct.
Without this not.

Finally found german translation.

The “Final Drying” has no text at all and is empty in the menu.
=> Global fix, if there is no translation, plz show english text.

This is not really a bug, but not user friendly:

In the statistics, it is possible to sort parts by producion or consumption count.
This is very helpful, but shouldn’t be sorted like:
1 2
3 4
5 6

It would be a lot easier to have an overview by sorting it:
1 4
2 5
3 6
or by making it a single row.

Also no text for “mirror assambly”.

In the Car design menu in german language mutated vowel like “ä, ö, ü” are not shown and replaced by other characters.

100% Crash of program: Finance - details of a car.

Area delete Bug:
When deleting an area - everything seems gone.
Save - load -> lots of ressource conveyors are here again.

So – my last summarizing post:

After 16 hours playing, I Build 3 factories.
2 Times the mega factory with all researches and models. Now it’s all done in this game…


  • Not enough resource importers. I do not even use half the space, producing all possible stuff myself, but all importers are at limit. Seems not to be possible with this importers to build more as 1 car all ~30 seconds. Idea: Producing stuff by myself should be more efficient. For example producing iron plates should only take 1 input 2 output. Or there must be a few more faster imports researches.

  • To fast research. First thing I Did was buying all areas to build all research camps, and then push to fastest speed. After researching all stuff I replaced those buildings by marketing and have no problem to have all 3 campaign’s 100% running.

  • Money is never a problem. If you run out, just set to faster game speed.

Compared to Factorio, wich gives multiple 100 hours of gameplay:

  • Maps are to small
  • Research should take prototype cars (For example an infotainment system should have 100+ Cars as input for testing)

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Its interesting that you mention car numbers as requirements for tech. We have got this at the very start, where for example you cannot break down the production process until you have built 10 final cars. This was an unpopular move at the time, but I dont hear criticism of it now, I suspect it was just a change from what people are used to. I like the idea.

Perhaps we need a few more things like this? For example needing to ship 100 cars with in-car music before unlocking premium music? The big problem as always is finding a way that is clear, clean, obvious and uncluttered, to tell the player that this restriction exists and notify them when it has been achieved.

Some of your requests have been fulfilled BTW, like the list order of the components screen.

Thank you for your reply.
This game is really a good job and I’m looking forward to play it again in a few weeks/month.

And about the feedback from the community:
I developed 5 games myself played by over 2 million people since 2002 and can say with certitude that the people shouts loudest are your biggest fan :).

Things shouldn’t be to easy, then there is no game left.
For example, when you develope a new technology, there is a “update all machines” button.
That is very convenient, but this leads that there is no further action required after developing a car add on.
Only when you research a process there is something to do.
So 50% of the research does not lead to activity or decisions in the game…

Yup, some of this stuff needs balancing. it needs to be a more agonizing decision regarding if upgrading ALL machines is cost effective, but the game can get a bit easy right now, once you get good at it.