Love my netbook

I’m really enjoying GSB at the moment, and what has surprised me is it works fine on my eeePC (A 1000H with extra RAM). By fine I mean once I worked out how to get the game to run in 1024x600 (took all of 5 seconds to find the settings file, before editing that i was getting an error I couldn’t read) it runs nice and smoothly with all the default settings as they were installed (minus the camera blur on movement because I hate that).

The only real issues im having is that 600 pixels of vertical screen space isn’t enough for some screens to show up in. For example, the stats screen after a fight show up fine, but it is overlapping the exit buttons (pressing escape closes the screen). Another example is in the ship editor, you cant see the stats of a module when you click on it as they are off the bottom of the screen. The work around for this is quite simple, dont build any new ships on my eeePC (Build them on my desktop with its huge screen and then just copy the files over).

None of these are big issues, and not game breakers by any stretch of the imagination, but I would DEARLY love for this to be looked at in a future patch (somehow…)

(also sorry if this has come up before, I did look but in here and support but I couldn’t find anything)