Love the Game! Suggestions...

I’ve been playing for only two days, and it is very telling that a game without fancy graphics and a host of designers can be so compelling, interesting, and enjoyable. I have not even BEGUN to explore all the employment possibilities, as I keep getting new ideas for starting over … Playing with politics (Democracy) doesn’t so much interest me personally, but if you ever design a game in regards to business and enterprise (a la Capitalism and Business Tycoon but not as infuriatingly complicated as them), I am so on it!

It would be wonderful to see more books and items added, maybe some more exotic pets like reptiles, and if there is way to add some descriptor to a book or item BEFORE you buy it, so that the player knows which book will actually add IQ points or give them culture … that might be useful. At least on the Easy and perhaps Normal settings. I love the suggestion someone made on an earlier thread about having a “house” setting and being able to decorate and furnish it, though I could see that more as a Kudos 2 type of game, rather than tacking it on to the current one.

I only have one real complaint, and it’s not so much a complaint as an inconvenience. The training box, listing the avatar’s life skills and education, blends right into the employment box so that the training can’t be read! That makes it very difficult to know how far I’ve come in Driving, Golf, etc. If there was either a way to move one or both boxes on the screen to get them out of each other’s way, or to have pull-down boxes or arrows on the training box so that the box itself is kept small and short, but you can expand it lengthwise (or place on top of employment temporarily) when needed. Another possibility may be to make it possible to “hide” the employment box since it isn’t as important (at least to me) to have visible and accessible as the training box, which is where I have the meat of my avatars’ life skills and training … their “life” so to speak.

Thank you for a wonderful game! Best value I’ve spent on a computer game in a long time.

Hi, it should be the case that the skills list does toggle expanding to the right, so it should not obscure anything. Is this a really old copy of the game you have maybe? If not, could you show me a screenshot of this happening, as I thought it was impossible.

I want to add more pets at some point, its on my list of things I’d like to get done. Also, I take the point about the books, maybe people should chat to you about books they have read to give you tips?

Meanwhile, could you lessen the pet sound repetitions? I like cats, but that one, endlessly repeated call gets on my nerves. :wink:

Great idea. Maybe they could provide the occasional tip about new stores, which then pop up as options for external travel? Places where you can find additional items of a specific type?

I’ll fiddle with the training box and see if I can find that solution, or I’ll do a screen shot. (I’m at work, not home, so can’t do it this moment.) I’m playing with 1.16 version.

The cat meowing doesn’t bother me overmuch, but the barking dog I want to strangle! ~lol~

I’m enjoying experimenting with the different books, and it may be that after some time playing, I’ll find my way around it all anyway!

By the way :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been tired at work every day this week because I stay up 'til midnight with this darn game! “Oh, just one more day … just one more day … another day, what could it hurt?”

I think I might have to add an option to toggle off those pet sounds. Maybe best to do it if/when I revamp the pets to make em more expandable.

Could the option be made to control the individual volume of various sounds, like the music or the phone?

Okay, I can’t seem to take a screen shot :confused: but the training list expands vertical first, clear up to almost the top of the employment box, and THEN expands to the right. So for most of the skills and training I have no way of seeing the progress. I do have 1.16 version.