Loving the game but I hit a strange wall. Also a few other suggestions

First of all, a fantastic game I love it. I hit a strange wall, and I have a few recommendations. When all my cars were using normal powertrains and engines I got my plant up to 21 million plus in cash. Then electric/hybrid powertrains became common and my plant TANKED to around 1 million in cash. I tried making them but don’t see an option for “hybrid powertrain”, only electric powertrain. The strange thing is when I selected my cars to put hybrid or even electric power train my profit per car actually went up and my car sales rate stayed the same…yet I was losing money massively…are the numbers correct/ balanced appropriately?

I also seem to have an issue constantly with widows, servos, and wheels (the rim, not the tires) to constantly be insufficient even though I have warehouses or mini-warehouses right next to the respective fitting slot.

Really loving the game and looking forward to the responses, thank you!

start making small battery packs