Low Food Prices And Farmers

Currently low food prices don’t have any negative consequences in game. If food prices fall too low, they do not affect the following:

  1. Impacting farmer income.
  2. Farmer opinion and membership.
  3. Food waste (increase in CO2 emissions)
  4. Farmers protests (such as throwing or burying harvested crops, disease outbreak situation should affect this too) due to the expense of harvesting and/or transport exceeding the selling price of the harvest (or demand falling too low in the case of Disease Outbreak)This could be a future situation along with these relations.

And how does one maintain the food price from being underpriced?

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I don’t know, cutting subsidies somewhat, increasing restrictions on antibiotics, etc. Currently, there is no incentive to increase food prices to a sustainable level, only to send them rock bottom. Of course if the subsidies are themselves sending food prices rock bottom, instead of market forces, I’m not sure how farmers would feel. There may not be a linear link here, but I hope some exploration of this can yield a more realistic outcome, as with rare earth metal prices.

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