Luddite Riots

Yeah, there is not enough soft policies to fix it :wink:


I’d think workers on boards or worker dividends may curve this but I’m not sure. I know workers on boards takes a tiny bite out of many strike action situations, but I don’t believe any other pro-worker policy does.

I’d love to see a “Worker Satisfaction” Simulation alongside the potential “Mental Health” simulation Cliff mused on a while back, so that it’s all the worker policies contributing to a value which motivates/disincentivises strikes and worker riots rather than seemingly random policies having disproportionate effects.


Yep, this is still my go-to idle game, and I’m still playing it all the time.

And we never disentangled Robotic Research Grants from triggering Luddite Riots or arranging an ironclad way of being rid of it short of punitive riot countermeasures.

Either it needs more inputs, or high wages need more stopping power against it, because high-tech, anti-authoritarian societies with the policy simply cannot get out from under the shadow of these riots.