[M&M Questions] Cure Rating, sales of multi-cure drugs, AI


i’ve just recently stumbled upon the new expansion. Bought it and played a small game with it, so i may not be too familar with all the changes (but i watched most of the VLogs about the expansion). I have two questions to the Developer or anyone who has played a lot more with the expansion.

  1. In the base game, the cure rating did affect the total value of the sold drug. Is this still the case, or is the “only” effect the cure rating currently has, that its the base for the sales rating?
  2. How are sales per day calculated for drugs, that contain multiple cures? I had a case in which i combined “treat bronchitis” with “cold infection”, mostly to get the 5% portfolio bonus of the cold-infection drug i was selling. The market-share on the company tab only showed the shares for the cold-infection cure, but the drug was listed under treat bronchitis in the cures-tab. I’m just curious how sales are affected by two (or more) different markets. Can i sell more of this than the treat-bronchitis market allows, because the cold-infection market is bigger? Or is the higher price (due to a second cure) a negative for selling the drug in the treat-bronchitis market?
  3. Given the fact, that with competing market shares, we can now corner a market or force an AI to make less profit/a loss on certain drugs (in theory), is it theoretical possible to drive an AI to go bankrupt? (Hypothetic case: I sell awesome drugs for all cures, totally dominating every market)