M.U.G.G. Perforator and other ideas

Thanks for the very cool game! Just a few ideas:

  • M.U.G.G. Perforator - (Multi-Use Gatling Gun or Multi-Use Gratuitous Gun). A defensive weapon like the Cruiser Defence Laser for Frigates and Cruisers but can target both fighters and rockets/missiles. Shoots a steady stream of bullets (the game would see it as essential a beam weapon) with low to moderate damage and low armor penetration. Useless against shields. High tracking, short range, and long reload/cool down period; with low weight, power, and crew requirements.

  • Bubble Shields - Old-skool shield type that pre-dates modern shields. High damage absorb, but low resistance, and very slow recharge rate. Lesser power, weight, and crew requirements. Bubble Shield I and II for Frigates and Cruisers. A Small Bubble Shield might even be useful for Fighters.

  • Active Shield Assist - Boosts resistance of a shield currently under attack for a short period of time, then must recharge fully.

  • Snakeskin Armor - Expensive, high strength, low weight Fighter armor.

  • Shuttlecraft - Basically a large fighter with 2-3 hard points and 4-5 module slots. Would allow for multi-gun Fighters with extra armor and shields, instead of always using a Fighters’ speed as its only defense.

  • Any chance of a ‘Don’t Pursue Fighters’ check-box in the orders that would prevent the turning behaviour until all enemy Frigates and Cruisers are gone? Frigates and Cruisers need to protect themselves from those little pests, but watching Cruisers chase Fighters into a corner is awfully frustrating.

  • Is the race selection screen even necessary? When on the deployment screen, I’d prefer to have a pop-up (or slide-out) menu when I click the alien’s head. A small graphic showing each of the races available (including those still locked) and their name would suffice I think. Would save going back and forth between screens and having to scroll to see the Tribe and Order.

  • Minutiae: The race selection screen always says ‘Main Menu’; it should probably just say ‘Go Back’, since when you go to it from the deployment screen it’ll take you back there even though the button says ‘Main Menu’.

  • On the ship design screen, a button to drop-down-select or toggle between the available races (defaulting to All) would be much appreciated. Scrolling through all the different hulls and saved ships (I should really delete some of the more useless ones I’ve created!) is gratuitous, but not fun.

  • Chris

Gasp and horror! Without the race selection screen, where would I read the snarky, tongue-firmly-in-cheek descriptions of the various races?

Though the addition of a “quick toggle” on the deployment screen would be a good thing too. :wink:

The “attack fighters” order can be deleted. In the most recent versions of the game, they will still shoot at fighters with idle weaponry.

:slight_smile: Hover tool-tip bubbles, of course!

Ahhh, thanks. I hadn’t tried that for a while (it seemed to completely turn off their fighter targeting before).

  • Chris