Mac Copy on sale now

Here it is:

Ported by our partners at again. Best to direct any support requests that may be mac specific to them, rather than me, I know nothing about macs I’m afraid.
Don’t forget to tell everyone you know who has a mac! :smiley:

Cliff, i’ve already paid for a copy of the PC version, how do I get a copy of the MAC version and activate it with the same code, as you suggested previously on the forum you’d be able to do.

Hi, can you email me from the address you bought the game with at cliff AT positech… and I’ll sort it out

Thanks cliff, but Red Marble sorted me out.

Another question is, for bugs in the Mac version do I report them to you or them?

To them generally, as I just need to pass them on to them.

I just ordered the Mac version, and noticed that it’s currently at version 1.11. Do the Mac and PC versions use the same version numbering? I tried updating in-game and get an ‘Order ID invalid’ error, but maybe that’s for them more than it is for you…

In any case, if the Mac version is lagging behind it’s good to know that I could download the PC version and run it in Bootcamp until the Mac version catches up, but I don’t want to go through that trouble for nothing, so I thought I’d ask :stuck_out_tongue:


The version numbers may be out of synch, but they are up to date. I don’t recall any patches to the PC version since the mac copy was released.

Weeeell, I just took a look at what was included in the latest patches and checked. The Royal scandal mission still says ‘British’ in my version, and when I tried adding voter groups the do show up in the graphs, but not on the main screen :confused: I haven’t looked at this in detail though, so I don’t know exactly which version the Mac version matches up with.

I’ve contacted redmarblegames already about this and some other issues…

EDIT: Just as a follow up, redmarblegames were super quick to reply, and assured me they are either working on - or at least know of and will work on - most of the issues I’ve had. These are mostly minor issues, the main one being my concern over the patching lagging behind. Still, the game is very playable and a lot of fun. :slight_smile:

Hmmm. Maybe I’m wrong and they are a patch behind. This is one of the problems of regular updates and patches sadly. If they are happy to do a patch, I’m always happy for them to take the latest code, I’ll see what they say.

Yesterday, I purchased a copy of Democracy 2 for Mac. Whenever, the program begins initializing the simulation (i.e. when I click “How to Play” and “Start”) it shuts down. How do I fix this?

Hi, could you email with that, because they did the port and understand the Mac operating system way better than me, and can provide better support. Cheers.

Hi Cliff,

First of all, thank you for the great game, which I’ve so far only experienced as a demo. I’m here by way of Shamus Young’s blog, and wanted to mention that I am interested in buying Democracy 2 in very large part because of your recent post on DRM and piracy, and the subsequent removal of DRM from the aforementioned game.

Now, for the actual question: I travel frequently and so alternate between my WinXP desktop and my OSX 10.4 laptop. Needless to say, I don’t concurrently run programs on both, but I do like to have a game or two to pass the time at the airport or in the air. I saw hardy24 mention a similar situation above, and so wanted to clarify: Is there an option to pay for one license, but get both the OSX and Windows versions of the game? I by no means expect to be able to, but would be very grateful it if such a thing were possible.

Thanks again for the great product – I’ll have to check out the rest of the lineup when I’ve some free time again!

Just a tip for anyone who is experiencing a crash when you try to start a new game in the Mac version:

The app must live directly in your /Applications folder in order to run properly. Trying to run it from the downloaded disk image, your desktop, or even a subfolder of /Applications (such as/Applications/Games) will invariably cause it to be unplayable. Moving it to /Applications will fix the issue immediately (no need to delete pref files or anything).

If only all bugs were so easily squashed! :slight_smile:

Yes no problem. basically if you buy the PC version, once you have it email me ( and ask me for the mac copy, and vice versa if you bought the mac copy first. It’s a manual process, because it’s two different companies, but we have an agreement where we allow format shifting.

why is the mac copy cheaper than the PC copy? Wouldn’t it make sense for me to just buy the mac copy then contact you and then get the windows copy, essentially for 3 dollars less?

I tried the Mac version and it didn’t work. RedMarble had no idea. The demo wouldn’t work either, but it did work for the first Democracy. I’m running Leopard, but I would think if Democracy 1 worked then so would 2. If I can get Windows loaded on Paralells I will try the Windows version. Anyone try this?


Haven’t tried it in Parallels or BootCamp. It’s working fine on my Powerbook under Leopard. What is the problem? Do you get an error or does nothing happen?

▬→`On sale Mac Copy are very rare…!:heart:

taux emprunt

Im having the same problem as other players. Each time I want to start playing, ‘A problem occurs’ and I don’t know why. My Mac Specs fit the description and when I tried what one of the other players said, It still did not work. Could anyone help me? P.s I bought my copy of steam if that helps:)

I just bought the game off Steam and it won’t even open. It’s not just us either, there’s a few people on the steam forums reporting the same issue. … 665744910/