Mac file locations

Anyone have any idea where I would store files for Mac scenarios, hulls etc?

Open the folder containing the application the do the Mac version of right click this will open a menu the select “show package contents” then click through “contents”, then “resources”. Game files are there. Now to get to any saved hulls that you customized you have to go to Users, Yourname/Puter Name, Library, Preferences, Gratuitous Space Battles and there ya go.

Thanks. The path actually is
~/Library/Preferences/Gratuitous Space Battles/

Depends on your setup, but hey it got you where you needed to be.

I’m having some difficulty helping a new forum member find his gsb directory. He has a steam bought gsb title and I really don’t want him buying it again from red marble just to solve this issue.

Where does he deliver his mods to? Any ideas?

Try this, it may help but no promises.


It really helps thanks for the sharing dude.

Glad to help:)