[Mac/Linux] Can't enter online code - V key not working


I’ve got the letter V in my online code and this key is just not working inside the input field of the game. I’m running the OS X version of it. Any ideas?



Got the exact same problem. Just bought this with the Humble Bundle, running an early 2011 MBP with Lion and this guy has this problem too, so it’s not my computer. What kind of a weird bug is this? The V key?

This is also happening to me. VERY annoying!
Anyone have a workaround?

Same issue, running the 64-bit Linux version.

ditto to this problem, i sent a tweet over to @humble asking about the issue, I hope it’s resolved quickly as I’d really like to try this game out :confused:

I found a workaround for that:

  • Go to the humble bundle page
  • Copy the online key to the clipboard (select code then command + c)
  • Start the game
  • Click online
  • Click in the field to enter the code
  • Hit ctrl + v (instead of command + v as you normally would)

This will paste the code and you are good to go. Of course that doesn’t solve any problems regarding the v key but is that key is not needed anywhere else in the game (which I don’t know) that should get you going.


I can confirm that this works. Thanks, mate!

ctrl-v does not work in Linux (Ubuntu 10.10)

the linux version doesn’t seem to support ctrl+v to paste, so this workaround doesnt work.

is there anyway you can check where the key is being stored after entered though? if it’s just being put in a config file or something at least then I could just toss it in there and be done, but i don’t see anywhere in the config files already set up for a key (perhaps it’s created after the key is inputted?) If someone who’s already been able to enter the key could check that would be great. (game stores all it’s info in ~/.positech/GSB/)

Hi everyone, sorry for this bug, it’s to do with a new key format (we never had a V in there before so it didn’t trigger). There will be as patch, but for anyone who cannot paste and doesnt want to wait for the patch you can create a file called
(no extension)
just as a text file in notepad, enter the key, and save the file to
\my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles\web
Or the equivilant location on your system
That should do it.

For [size=115]Linux[/size] users, do the following:

echo "REPLACE_WITH_CDKEY" > ~/.positech/GSB/web/gsbcd

Or if you wanted the process to be more manual.

touch ~/.positech/GSB/web/gsbcd vim ~/.positech/GSB/web/gsbcd
And enter your CD Key in that text file.

Mac users can find the file under: ~/Library/Preferences/GratuitousSpaceBattles/web .

Though TextEdit can open the file if you tell it to, I suggest using sag47’s terminal commands (touch and vim) to ~/Library/Preferences/GratuitousSpaceBattles/web/gsbcd . In my experience, TextEdit sometimes changes files with no extentions in ways that they no longer work, but the terminal commands should work without problem.

On a 32bit linux system that will allow the key to be verified in the online screen however it does not seem sufficient to enable campaign mode.

When clicking the campaign button I get a message that says

According to the online screen my registration code and username are both valid.

Check your proxy

unset http_proxy

help me with identical error message

How did you install Campaign DLC?

I used the instructions at viewtopic.php?f=29&t=6842

Then used this script to convert .dds files to .png files.

for x in `find . -name "*.dds"`; do 
    tmp=`basename $x`
    dir=`dirname $x`
    echo "convert $dir/$file.dds $dir/$file.png"
    convert $dir/$file.dds $dir/$file.png

I don’t have any proxy running unless you mean something within GSB itself.

That script is wrong (doesn’t handle files/dirs with spaces inside and there are A LOT of them).

and back to the topic… Please check files in .positech/GSB/web/*.txt
are there any clues inside?

No, it doesn’t handle spaces in filenames but in the campaign DLC, and the linux version of GSB, there aren’t any.

The only text files under web are challenges/challengelist.txt, news.txt, messages.txt.

The only file that actually has any information in it is news.txt and that just appears to be patch notes.

I have the same error message on WinXP pro at work, in an environment where I don’t have admin privileges (I made a portable install of GSB, which seems to be working except for that error).

The registration code and username both appear valid on the screen though. Can’t access campaign. ;(