Mac Mods

Um, I might be repeating the words of other mod noobs but how can you mod on a Macintosh?

I can’t seem to find the .txt files anywhere, and then I wouldnt know what to do with them.


The files are rather tricky to find, took me almost 4 hours of searching and i’ve been using Unix bases systems for years! Yes, you can mod on mac’s. All my modding is done on one, and i’m using another person’s mod (experimental) on my mac atm.

The .txt files are found by looking inside the app. Find the folder that contains the program, then right click on the icon. Click “view package contents”. They’ll be in there. Just a heads up, if you got this through steam it will NOT be in your standard applications folder. It will be in Users > Library > Application Support > Steam. View Package content, then it’s in steamapps > common > GSB

yeah, as Ikohime says, select the .app then pull-up the alt-menu and “Show Package Contents”
then ./Contents/Resources/data will have the game data

you’ll have to convert all the .dds graphics files from the mods to .png
I’m using GraphicConverter for that, but some use GIMP with a plugin

from there, you should be able to work out where files are, and where to drop the larger mods

post if you have further questions!