Mac OS Versions

Hi I was just wondering if there was an ETA for when the Mac OS port will be out? I know its not gonna be anywhere as popular on the Mac so its not as much of a priority, but I’m pumped!

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Agree! Can’t wait to play on a Mac.

If I buy to play initially on a PC, will I still have a key to download it later for my mac?

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No, one key would always allow any build we produce.
To be honest, in the past porting games to OSX has been viable… (in terms of sales) but not by a lot, and it seems every day apple do something crazy (lets drop opengl! lets drop 32 bit apps! lets add notarizing! lets change our chip designs) which seems almost deliberately done to annoy developers and make the platform unusable…

We still have plans to do a port, but the PC version is definitely the priority. FWIW as I understand it, the game runs fine under WINE, but knowing apple they will ban that at some point.


Hi, Mac user. Please create the Mac version as soon as possible. I understand the cost/benefit analysis, of course. Just want to drop in and give a heads up that there are others of us with Macs waiting to play :slight_smile: may get around to trying wine version sometime.