Mac OS X Port


Been following this game for awhile now, as it seems like an absurdly fun thing to do, but, woe is me, I have a mac. Sadly, I do not have enough money for either Crossover or a functional copy of XP/Win7/Vista to use bootcamp with, and Wine requires more technical skill to use with a program as complicated as this than I have.

So, just a question of curiousity, is there a mac port in the works? Or is it something that has never been planned for and will most likely never happen?

There is a mac port in the works :smiley:


My 2.4 Ghz Core 2 Duo /4 GB/1680x1050/ 9600GT would be soo much better at handling this that my old Celeron 1.7/ 1GB/1280x800/ Ati X700.

I have two questions:

  1. Have you given the pricing any thought yet? Given that I have the Windows version, would there be any discount for people who want both versions?
  2. I would like to use the same Challenges account in both versions, would that be possible?

I just checked that for Democracy 2 you just have to separate games you sell. I will buy a Mac version of GSB also at full price, although after that I will probably not use my Windows version any more.

I’m just saying that you might consider also selling a “Win+Mac Bundle”, at some discount, but with only a single code to register for challenges. For example each separate would be €15,99, the bundle would be €29,99. Just reasoning from my own viewpoint, if I was a new customer and I had the choice between “Win” or “Mac”, I would probably only buy the “Mac” version, but if such a Bundle would be available, I would probably buy it, even though the difference is only €2. There might be others like me, although it could be a Dutch thing to spend more money if we have the feeling we get something at a discount.

I’ll buy a Mac version either way, I am merely making a suggestion. Probably you can assess if it’s a good idea based on the sales numbers of your games like Democracy 2.

Independent of the pricing, I would like to see that I can use the same Challenges account in both versions.

Thanks for working on this, looking forward to it. If you need some kind of Beta tester, I’m volunteering.

Awesome! I’ve had this game since the beta but haven’t been able to play it since my crossover trial ran out. How would a mac port affect someone like me? If I have the windows version does it come with the mac one?

I run GSB on Mac OSX Snow Lepoard under VMware fusion.

I haven’t finalised how things will work yet in terms of mac/windows copies for the same buyer, but I’m sure something good will work out.

I have macs as well as my pc, lemme know if you need a tester since I already own GSB and tribe (guess I need to grab the order soon, too).

Nice! I just bought Gratuitous, playing it on my macbook via bootcamp. Would be great to be able to play it native. Although I wouldn’t buy it again just for that privilege, so I hope something can be worked out on that front… :slight_smile:

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What Macbook you use?

I tried it with Bootcamp and

Model Name: MacBook
Model Identifier: MacBook3,1
Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed: 2.2 GHz

was choppy. So instead I use the six-year old Dell with graphics cpu, works ok there

Macbook pro, but I didn’t want to brag :slight_smile:

Even if I have to pay the full price again, I’d do it. Would be nice if expansion packs that I already have would also work on the Mac version. I think that should be possible as I think they’re just images and text files?

I’ve stopped playing GSB a bit, as I’m getting tired of booting my old WinXP machine and having it run out of memory and crash after 2-3 challenges. As soon as you release a Mac version, I’ll be all over it again. :wink:

I’ve tried to fiddle with Wine and run it in there, but I got stuck there. If anyone has a working WineBottler configuration, please tell me.

Mac Pro workstation user here. I’ve been running GSB in a WINE bottle via the ‘CrossOver Games 8.0’ app ever since the game’s pre-paid demo days. It works just fine. CrossOver has a free time-limited demo for you to try out if you like. It worked well enough for me that I didn’t mind paying for the full version. Life’s too short for me to fiddle around with XP, Vista, etc. just for a game. That being said, if a native OS X version of GSB appears, I’m trading up from CrossOver. Call me a purist if you must. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not familiar with CrossOver itself (hear of it). GSB is the first game that I’d like to run, that actually seems to work on it. Most of the games I’ve wanted to play before were in their “Known not to work” category, so I never bothered to even check.

My problem in Wine seems to be that I don’t know which of the different DirectX/DLL/IE/Com/whatever windows things I need to install in addition to the core Wine. Does CrossOver magically solve that for you or do you still need to fiddle with those?

CrossOver Games does that mundane stuff for you auto-magically. :slight_smile: Mighty convenient. When I installed GSB I didn’t have to go mucking around with anything else. The app did it all for me, which was at least half of the appeal of such a solution. All of GSB’s actual game content (the graphics, audio and textfiles) are platform-neutral…it’s just a matter of spinning a cocoon for the core GSB app to safely work within while in Apple Land.

When I used CrossOver Games to install GSB it simply talked me through the bottle creation process, asked where the GSB installer was, and so forth. I expected a lot of grilling & interrogation from the app, but none of that was necessary. I chose the “Install unsupported software” option, picked “WinXP” when it asked me what sort of bottle it should create for me, and it pretty much took over from there. Maybe it could be more intensive if using the app on a PC natively running Linux, but I wouldn’t know. I did hit a pothole on that shining highway, but it was connected to GSB’s very new and less-than-perfectly debugged state, so I was able to detour around it and get playing soon after a message from Cliff was posted concerning the error message it gave me. CrossOver itself was fine.

I’ll be the first to admit that I truly don’t know jack about Linux and was braced for considerable weirdness, but even I was surprised at how disarmingly easy the process was. After all, that’s CrossOver’s whole business model. Of course the pricetag reflects this, but since the resulting convenience factor this installation is huge, I am very happy to pay the folks who made GSB-on-a-Mac possible. I am not a hardcore computer gamer (insert clichéed Mac sterotype here, lol), so I didn’t sweat over non-compatibility with other PC games. That’s one decision which every interested buyer has to make for himself. For my part, I did not want to wait a year (or forever) for GSB to be natively ported to the Mac, so the decision to buy CrossOver Games was simple for me.

But why stress about this so much? Remember, I said there’s a free demo. For heaven’s sake, go here and try it out. Remember that you have to have an Intel-based Mac, not a PowerPC machine of any kind. Let us know how your progress goes.

Sorry, didn’t really have time to look at it the last couple of weeks.

Any plans to support SteamPlay for folks who bought the game that way?

I have no plans to integrate GSB into steam in any way, because the game is mostly sold direct, and through stardock, gamersgate and similar sites. Tying it into a single third party companies sales channel would not make sense.

Ok, does anyone here have a full copy of GSB AND a mac, who would like to help beta test the mac port?
if so, email me at

Hi. I quite like GSB and am considering GTB. I’m curious about your reasoning against SteamPlay for GTB given that GSB uses it but is also for sale through your site and through other digital storefronts (Impulse/Gamestop and Gamersgate). Did your experience with GSB on Steam sour your opinion of the SteamPlay services, or were you finding that other retailers didn’t want to carry your game because it used SteamPlay? Obviously you needn’t answer me — I’m just genuinely curious about indie devs’ motivations for how & where they release their titles.