Mac OS X status?

Any update on the Mac OS X port? I enjoyed the demo under emulation, but I would rather run a native version. I check back every once in a while, but haven’t seen any comments lately.

The OS X port is still undergoing playtesting as of this time.

edit: lol, eclipsed by Cliff. Two weeks sounds wonderful!

two weeks.


ok ok now is this two weeks, Or is it “Two Weeks™”

sidenote: Inside joke form Darkspace when there was a bug and they said it would take them two weeks to fix it, and turned out to be almost a year.

In other words, is it normal time or “Valve Time”?

I hope it’s not Valve time. I WANNA USE THE SHIP EDITOR >.<

It’ll be 2 weeks in 24 hours. How are the skid marks?

In no way am I trying to be needy or impatient, I’m just wondering if we can get a status update so I can stop obsessively checking for an OSX release every few hours. :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to buying the full set (with expansions, assuming you’ll offer the same bundle for OSX) and getting GSB running on my Mac, but if it’s going to be a few weeks more I’d appreciate a heads-up purely for my own sanity. :wink:

Heh. Yeah, I know what you mean - that’s why I started the thread in the first place! I know how hard it can be to get something out the door, and a bunch of people nagging about it usually doesn’t help. But dang, I want to buy this NOW! :slight_smile:

Actually, it appears that Cliff is full-on in the campaign mode (which sounds awesome). Perhaps he was being facetious with his “two weeks” and we were too hopeful to notice it, haha. In any case, I think I’ll just mark my calendar to come back and check in a month or so. :slight_smile:

then you`ll be carrying that calendar with you just to try and burn a hole through it with your eyes waiting for the date :smiley:

when it comes to waiting for devs,i`ve learned patience… you have no idea how much was eve online epic “Soon™” annoying me the first two years :smiley:

I get the impression that Cliff is not doing the port. I may be wrong, but his dev blog doesn’t seem to mention it much, and you would think he might if he was actively porting.

hes actively doing the campaign now… i think you`ll have to wait :slight_smile:

Well, I think he’s sent out alpha or beta versions of the OSX version to some people, so he’s certainly got some version of it up somewhere. He mentioned it on his Facebook page if I remember correctly. I’m fine being patient - I was purely reacting to his (perhaps sarcastic) two weeks post. If it’s going to be long that’s perfectly fine - I’d just like to know. :slight_smile:

I’m told monday.
That’s all I know. That sounds pretty definite though doesn’t it?

Haha, cool - thanks for letting us know! I think some Starcraft can hold me over til then… :wink: