Mac OS X

Has anyone considered making an OS X version of gratuitous space battles? it would not be too much work if it were in a cider wrapper, and then you could reach a wider audience. I have made cider versions of other Positech games that run natively on OS X and it takes just about 2 minutes. What do you guys think?

Plus one, I almost bought the beta till I couldn’t find any info on what OSes it supported.

That would be fantastic - though I currently run GSB under bootcamp on my MacBook Pro. Haven’t a number of Cliffski’s other games been ported officially? Once the beta period is done and the code is settled, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a port happen.

It looks to be working fine under Wine/Crossover Games. I’ve played several of the single player games with no issues. I haven’t tried the online component but I expect it will work fine. Macbook Pro 13" was what I was running it on.

Wine Link

Crossover Games

That is the eventual plan.