[Mac/Steam] GSB affects system after closing

Hi! I’m experiencing an extremely weird and annoying issue with the steam version of GSB for Mac, running OS X 10.8.2 on a recent MBP.

The game itself runs fine, aside from the occasional crash when I try to post a challenge. When the app is terminated, however, be it by clicking the exit button in the menu, pressing CMD-Q, or by crash, there’s a high probability that from that moment on the system will be unable to launch or re-launch any application whatsoever. Icons clicked in the dock will bounce indefinitely, and application windows will not appear as normal. This includes GSB itself, Steam, browsers, and even such basic programs as Finder (when re-launched through the Force Quit dialog). The system itself remains responsive, and programs that were already running when GSB closed will continue to function normally and can be closed normally (but, of course, not re-launched). A reboot will fix this problem.

I’ve never experienced such behaviour before, and it is always associated with a recently closed session of GSB. If it occurs, it’s noticeable immediately after GSB closed.

Any idea what could be going on here?

It could be a possible memory leak. I myself have notice an increase in memory usage over time while playing GSB. I finally get a chance to play it on a system with more than 3.25 gb of ram today (32gb, to be precise, and dont ask why i have so much unless you want to get off topic xD) so I’ll be monitoring memory usage with GSB today.

In the mean time, a system restart should fix the problem temporarily.

Thanks for the reply!

The problem I tried to describe does not seem to be memory-leak related, at least not in my case. It can occur after playing for just a few minutes, and checking with iStat Pro and Activity Monitor shows nothing out of the ordinary/oodles of free memory on my system (8 gb of RAM), even when the system appears “blocked” as described above.

While I was checking the memory usage, however, I noticed something else: I disabled fullscreen mode in the GSB options, and so far I’ve been unable to reproduce the phenomenon while GSB is set to windowed mode. The problem persists in fullscreen mode, but simply playing in a window appears to be an acceptable workaround for now. It’s really odd…