Magazines gone missing BUG?

I remember I could buy magazines when I started my game, but I can’t anymore. I did a little bit of testing and it seems that after you do a save/load cycle, you can no longer purchase them anymore, which is rather annoying as they’re a good way to get a little bit of an extra boost.

Is there any way to address this issue?

you can only buy one magazine a week, so they disappear once read from your list of items then appear back in the shop. Is that not working for you?

It only works until you load a save game. Once you start from a saved game the magazines no longer appear in the shop.

Yes, exactly what Persec said. After I start from a save game, even if I have no magazines in my possession, there are none to purchase in the store.

Eeek. I shall investigate…

Ok I’ve fixed this, but not done a patch for it yet. if you re-download the entire game, you should get version 1.06, which has this bug fix in it.

I just got the new version, and it worked :slight_smile: So far no trouble using my saves from 1.05, which is a plus.

Thank you for the quick turnaround!