Main game from Cliff, The Tribes from Impulse

Alright I got the main game from Cliff, and when I was doing a purchase of a few things on sale from impulse I desided to throw The Tribes in, I’m having a hell of a time to get the expansion to work, as far as I know I am changing the install folder over to the GSB one, but still after the install nothing. Anyone get this to work? and walk me through it? or should I reinstall GSB in the native path of impulse? If so what is the native path for impulses GSB? (I’m on windows 7)

Alright reading some posts, stating it doesn’t work if you buy the main game from Positech and then buy the DLC on Impulse or Steam. It works fine, though the way to do it is a bit rudamentry. Basically with Impulse it will create it’s own path to install the game, you have two options, reinstall the game using that same path, or go to the path it creates for Tribes, Swarm and Order, and simply copy and paste the data into the main GSB folder sence this is not a true executable expansion.

Can’t find the Impulse Directory? Go to your program uninstaller in windows control panel, Tribes will be there, follow it’s path given.

I just tested it out and everything seems to work so far,

make sure you copy the packages and installs files over too, to ensure everything works correctly. these are the only 2 files installed outside of each expansions individual folders.