Major game bug

When I change a policy slider, if I click Apply Changes, I consume the expected amount of political capital. If I just hit the escape key after modifying a slider, I get free policy changes. I now know why Dem3 feels so much easier than Dem2: I’ve been playing with semi-unlimited influence and I didn’t know it.

Can this bug be fixed soon please? I really hope this problem is unique to my gameplay, or else a lot of people’s play has been frustratingly easy. I bought the game with Steam, if that’s important. Maybe this glitch is only found on Steam accounts. I don’t know.

Wao. Bug confirmed. That never hit my own play.

I’ve seen a lot of people complain about the game being too easy.

Also, this is minor in comparison, but why do foreign investor tax breaks not affect the opinions of socialists?

They also don’t impact the opinion of the self-employed (who ought to hate them). They’re like subsidies for the competition; none of a country’s self-employed individuals are going to be able to take advantage.

Foreign investor tax breaks are stereotypically set up by impoverished socialist countries, not stable capitalist countries. That might be why it doesn’t impact the opinions of socialists. That’s not a bug, though. That’s just a disagreement with the simulation. Check out the thread here: viewtopic.php?f=37&t=8579 You can set up an ‘override’ to change the effects of policies. You might want to set one up to expand on the effects of foreign investor tax breaks.

EDIT: Argh, minor edits all throughout. Content shouldn’t be changed, but might have been clarified. Sorry. I’ll try to do my editing before posting in the future.