Major game problem.

Hi…I just bought/downloaded the game and have only been playing it for a few hours.

I’ve just unlocked the Empire and have encountered 2 serious problems

  1. when I try to design an Cruiser for the Empire the “save” button is not lit and cannot be accessed

  2. when the Impreial Phalanx Fighter appears on the screen the game freezes and the screen goes black.

Do not tell me I just spent money on a game I can effectively only play 75% of…any help would be appreciated.

Hi Cen2050,
I will help you with that I can based on what you have described.

  1. when you try to design an Cruiser for the Empire the “save” button is not lit and cannot be accessed
  • When your designing any ship, you must ensure that you supply more crew and power than what the other modules can use.
    As you place modules you will see up the top the power and crew required and supplied. To save a cruiser you need to make sure that all the numbers are in the green.
  1. when the Impreial Phalanx Fighter appears on the screen the game freezes and the screen goes black.
    That is a strange situation, is there any error messages, use Alt-Tab to see if there are other screens (ie error messages)
    Also, what version of GSB do you have ?

thanks for the tidbit about the power/crew stuff…I feel like an Idoit for not seeing that.

But as far as the phalanx fighter: I have the latest version of the game, and there are no other error messages. it also doesn’t matter how many there are either. Even 1 on screen locks up the game…sort of.

See most of the time the screen doesn’t go black either (only happened once or twice) but everything on the screen disappears but the background (map, ships, status bar). The game keeps playing and as soon as I move the image OFF the phalanx fighters it works again!

What’s more this happens regardless of which side is using them…I can avoid using them if need be, but I can’t tell the AI that.

That is indeed a strange situation, it sounds like one of the files is corrupt
where did you download the game from ?

one options is to, uninstall the game, redownload again and reinstall the game.
This is kinda of a blanket fix (which i usually use when i stuff up bigtime when poking around in all the files)

or if you feel confident, look for a “Imperial Phalanx fighter.txt” located in <> \data\hulls\empire
it should read something like this

classname = fighter
name = Imperial Phalanx Fighter
guiname = Imperial Phalanx Fighter Hull
sprite = Imperial Phalanx
damagetexture = Imperial Phalanx
hulktexture =
hulkUVstart = 8
hulkUVend = 11
width = 8
height = 8
powerproduced = 2.0
cost = 28
racename = empire


0 = 128,161,200,1,2

0 = 101,220,3,6,"","",1,1.0
1 = 155,220,3,6,"","",1,1.0

0 = 28.00,138.50,1,1,1.00,113.00,55.00,164.00,SHIP_EMMITER_SMALL,
1 = 119.00,121.00,0,0,
2 = 160.50,126.00,1,1,130.00,75.00,191.00,177.00,SHIP_EMMITER_SMALL,

0 = 128.00,101.00,TURRET,(101.00-100.00),(155.00-100.00),
1 = 100.00,152.00,STANDARD,
2 = 156.00,152.00,STANDARD,

0 = 0,128,128,EXP_STARTBREAKUP
3 = 0,128,128,EXP_BLASTGLARE

is the phallanx the only fighter you are using which has a particular engine glow effect or running lights? It might be that a visual effect specific to this ship is conflicting with your PC’s video card.
I suggest going into options and basically turning all the graphcis options off (running lights, shaders etc). Then try again and see if that specific ship still gives you any trouble.

I’ve already turned ALL the effects off as far as the options are concerned…and I’ve uninstalled/re-downloaded as well without any success; whatever the problem is it’s probablly on my computer.

beyond that I’ve checked my phalanx fighter text file against the one posted earlier in this thread and they are identical as well.

my guess is I’m looking at having to buy a new blasted video card…though my fingers are crossed that I will be able to avoid that outcome.

Sorry, I am out of standard ideas other than the obvious of trying the different versions of drivers for your video card

So if you want, we can move on to the random crazy ideas . .
open that text file again and delete the engine glow lines.

0 = 101,220,3,6,“”,"",1,1.0
1 = 155,220,3,6,“”,"",1,1.0

then give it a try.
Good luck, i seriously hope you dont have to get a new video card. I am running an ancient Radeon 9800XT

That fighter does group together its engine glows in a way that I don’t think any of the other fighters do, but it obviously doesnt normally cause any problems. In this case though, removing those lines of text would fix it.
Theres nothing else magical about that specific fighter.

That did the trick! No more stalling mid-level for me!

to everyone that stuck with me through what I’m sure was a bizarre problem…thank you SO much

You all could have just said “you need a new card” or “the game just hates you” but you stuck with it and, ultimately found a solution that works…and I am VERY greatful for your determination, advice and support

thank you all again.

No Problems, glad to here that it works

One thing to point out, when the game updates, the problem may return, so you will have to remove those lines again.

Now that Cliffski’s is aware of this problem, you will probally find that a future patch will have a permanent sollution. (an advantage to having the developer reading these forums)