Make recurring events' causes discoverable

So I know this is very likely because I’m modelling my country in ways that aren’t friendly to new businesses, but I keep getting Share IPO Cancelled events.
What I can’t find out just by playing the game is why precisely I get them. Just looking at my country, I have GDP maxed, tech maxed, education maxed, high productivity, technological advantage, a private space program, and not a single red thing other than the Rare Earth Crisis which can’t actually be gotten rid of entirely.
Based on just those things you’d think business would be just fine with being here. And yet they keep cancelling their Share IPOs. With no way of seeing why, truly, that is.

There are other events, both good and bad, just like this, where I can roughly imagine why they happen, but I can’t actually figure it out in-game. IRL there would be some sort of advisor who would do their best to tell me if I cared to ask. The game right now won’t let me do so though.

Have you maxed out the rare earth metal mining policy? I don’t think that is related to the event but I can go through the game files and see what the possible triggers are.

Edit: Here’s what it says in the game files:

0 = random,0,0.2
1 = GDP,0.5*(x^4),2
2 = winning,0+(0.1x),2
3 = Capitalist,0.25
4 = Technology,0.1*(x^4),2
4 = CapCEOPayMultiplier,0.2+(0.3*x)

Rare Earth Crisis is affected by year and ultimately unavoidable as far as I can tell. It is maxed, yeah. With that it’s possible to maintain technological advantage and high productivity in a liberal socialist country indefinitely despite the crisis.

EDIT: what do those second arguments for 1-4 mean and why is 4 doubly assigned

Good questions, honestly don’t know. Having two number 4 doesn’t seem right though, maybe @cliffski or someone with more modding experience can shed some light?

Maybe the second arguments are weights or coeffecients for how they influence the chance?

I’m 99% sure that the number do not matter, they just denote separate lines, so me stupidly typing 4 twice should not make any difference :smiley: