Making a Restaurant

So, I’m trying to make a new restaurant and I’m having trouble knowing what my files are called whether my music has to be .og and also what column I is. Here are my questions in detail:
1.By ‘Background’ does it mean your menu, and if so, if your menu is a jpg file, is it just the name that appears in your modding folder but with .jpg on the end such as
Thai menu.jpg?
2. The music I would like for my Thai restaurant is an mp3 file, can I use it?
3. Column I in the excel spreadsheet ‘restaurants’ has no title. What is it for?

And two more idiotic questions:
4. Do I have to save my sounds and images in the data/bitmaps/restaurants folder?
5. When it says that I cant save unless I’m an administrator, does it mean that I’m not on my computers administrator account(there’s only one account on my laptop) or does it mean that I’m not allowed to save to this part of the computer at all?

Thanks for managing to read through that writing! Hopefully someone can make sense of it…

Hi Again Kudosian :slight_smile:

In a rush, but:

  1. ‘Background’ is the menu background, and the file needs to be a 1024x1024 JPG. It’s best to call the file the same as the restaurant name (‘column D’ of the 'restaurants.csv). Remember that the ‘name’ cannot contain spaces (“thaipalace” is fine, but “thai palace” might break the game) and that the ‘guiname’ is where you put the proper name (“Thai Palace”). The background file must be in the data/bitmaps/restaurants folder.
  2. In my experience the music file needs to be .ogg. To convert it you can use a free program like “Audacity” (, which will allow you to open the MP3 and EXPORT it to the “Ogg Vorbis” format.
  3. I have no idea what column I is for :-\ I suspected coordinates, but all those zeros makes me think otherwise.
  4. The menu backgrounds need to stay in the “data/bitmaps/restaurants”. The restaurant music needs to be in the “data/sounds/music” folder.
  5. I suspect you have installed the game to the Program Files folder and are using Windows 7. I would recommend reinstalling the game to a ‘games’ folder, like C:\Games… as Windows 7 has protections on the Program Files folder which means your user account needs Administrative rights to make changes to files. Moving it the game out of the Program Files folder means you won’t have those issues.

Aside from question 3, hopefully that has you covered :slight_smile:

SomeGuyInABikini, rushrushrush