Making an Album

I know on the demo there were hints about how to play the game, but I clicked through them without reading. I thought once I bought the game I could go through the tutorial again, but I haven’t been able to get the hints to come up…

My question is when making an album where do I want the meter to be? The green, yellow or red part?


I’ve made my albums with the meter on Red :open_mouth:

Don’t worry too much about the musicians’ color tho, just try and get the meter on the right as high as you can get.

To get the hints back : uninstall the prog, delete all folders, install. That’s how I done it … there’s bound to be a better way !

Great thanks alot for the quick response!!


HINT: the directory in which you installed the game (‘c:\program files’?)
all the hints are in here if you need to see’em again

Move each musician’s slider up or down, one at a time, until the meter at the right is highest.

From a personal viewpoint, I think the colors are the wrong way round 8)

I would have red = poor
yellow = not bad
green = good

Same for Inspiration … well, same for all :open_mouth: :confused:

Hints for hints …

Look in C:\Documents and Settings<your-name>\My Documents\kudosrocklegend and find hints.txt

Change all values to 0 (zero)
The hints only show once and when viewed the hint shown’s value becomes 1

HTH :=))

Let us know if it works :confused: :wink: