[color=violet]Can anybody tell me how to make good money? My band always seems to go broke before I make it big… Help would be appreciated!!

  • put on a good show (make sure all of the meters are near the top; this means musicianship, rehearsal, stage show, all band members should be happy and not stressed on the night of the show etc.)

  • If you’re struggling to stretch the money from the last gig last until the next one, every coupla weeks book 2 gigs within a few days of each other (leave at least one day in between to take a rest)

  • hire a publicist to ensure sold out shows (even if it’s only for a few days then fire her… hire her again before the next gig; fire again if 55/day is too much to handle at this point)

  • if you’re making enough per show, hire a roadie (he’s only 35 per show and takes a great deal of stress off the band so you’ll need less time to rest which gives you more time to make your show better)

  • if you’re really desperate sell something or fire somebody

  • wait until they complain at least once before buying new equipment if you have no excess money (unless your band really sucks and when you practice you find that the one guy with the cheap guitar is not progressing as rapidly as the rest)

always have merchandise - especially at the more expensive venues since the profit of the gig alone is quit small

also having business minded people in your band doesnt give you only additive discounts - it also seems (the formula cliffski supplied in modding thread) to help with merchandise sales !

Publicist? I wonder if I have a weird version of this game- I have no options for a “Publicist” in my staff or anywhere else in the store type place. I have also never seen hide nor hair of this “Moe’s” either… Anyone else having this problem with their version from Yahoo! Games?

Moes is one of the options when you decide to take the day off and relax, As I recall, this is in all versions of the game.

Merchandise is key. You can offset the cost of a gig with t-shirts alone sometimes.

Don’t buy anything until you absolutely need it. Let the band complain about a lack of cowbell before buying one.

Keep an eye on ongoing costs such as a manager where you pay each day. This adds up more quickly than you think.

Thanks. Yeah the Manager takes a butt-ton of money every day- I never know when to hire him, because it takes all my money!
Anyway, thanks, I’ll give those things a try.