making new voter groups

Im making

Animal Rights Activits
Cannabis Users

but im to lazy right now…

any asuggestions for new policys and stuff

how about a dilemma where you (the president) is asked to state your religious belief in an interview. you can either declare your faith and upset the atheists, or declare you are an atheist and get a huge support boost from them.

And of course these would have the opposite effects on the religious.

I will od that, but I Wish we could have 5 options. :frowning:

  1. Say your religion and say atheists deserve death
  2. Say your religion
  3. Refuse to state
  4. Say your Atheist
  5. Say relgion is EVIL

I just relized something…

how can you not be 100% atheist and only 25% atheist in a voter group :confused:

maybe atheism can be thought of as a distrust or lack of interest in religion. So if someone is only slightly atheist, then they don’t attend church, or pay much attention to it, but sill claim to be religious on a censor form.
A lot of people seem to claim to be ‘non practising’ Catholics, for example. I never understood that myself.

You could use the word “agnostic” instead, or go down the route of having “secularists”. In fact, “secularists” would be more accurate for what you want to do - atheists just don’t believe in God - they don’t necessarily hate religion or oppose religious things.

Ill go with that :stuck_out_tongue: