Making parts - what am I doing wrong?

Well, I’m trying to manufacture servos for my line, and they always say “No Export Room”. I have 3 stockpiles by the door machines set to servos. 1 of them is full, the other 2 empty.

Here is a picture of my set up

I find that “no export room” happens when you are producing the parts ok but they are simply not being consumed. This could be because there is no valid connection between your part manufacturing and the assembly area that is supposed to consume them OR simply because you are producing them too fast so your manufacturing of the part halts while the assembly section “catches up”. I like to stick a stockpile area between my manufacturing and my assembly since this creates a sort of buffer and I get this message far less often.

Like I said, I had 3 stockpiles, one full, the other 2 empty, everything I wanted to feed from that stockpile was set to local only but nothing.

I reckon this is a known bug that I’ve come across, too. Open up your servo manufacturing point, wait a second or two and watch the parts fly out.

Did this suddenly start working yesterday? I think this is fixed in build 1.22.

My experience (using a 1.21 save game) was that 1.22 didn’t start working until you also place a stockpile to collect the resources with “No Export Room,” whereupon the Manufacturing slot will start to place its goods into the stockpile, and the Production slot will start taking parts from said stockpile.

Generally, after that the Manufacturing things mostly manufacture things, and the Production slots use the manufactured parts.

Though I did have one Power Train Production slot that would occasionally stop seeing the stockpile of built-up Engine Assemblies for a few minutes, then would start up again.


This isn’t fixed as i still have issues with this item myself.
is their an easier way to delted whole lines of production to restart again ?? instead of individually doing it…