Making Servos

With the objective to not buy any car pieces, one factory it can make all the own pieces to the car, I want a “Make Servos” machine … please … and other pieces I’m not mentioning.I don’t know what is the objective of the developer to the game but I think this idea don’t will ruin anything :slight_smile:


so what would you suggest to be the ingoing parts?

a servo costs 33 $

ingoing components to this would be something like

(Cut from DIY site)

  1. A microcontroller ( preferably Arduino coz i have made a library specially for these DIY Servos – I’ve attached the library below
  2. a 10k ohm free moving potentiometer as shown
  3. a piece of strong flexible wire ( for mount )
  4. some super glue
  5. a motor driver : build your own 30 AMP MOTOR DRIVER :

Micro controller = 4$
potentiometer = about 3$
Flexible wire = 1$
Glue / Led = 1$
Brushless motor = 30$

So the price would be 39$ + manning, that would be a loss of 6$

But buying the complete setup from a factory that is specialized in doing motors would be alot less.

We have a bunch of new components that will be going in the game after about 2 wereks when we have some new artwork (and I’;m back from GDC). These include:

Sensor (for automatic headlights, cruise control etc…)
Aerial (for radio)
Car Alarm
Sat Nav unit
Computer chip
Panoramic sunroof

Obviously in the long run you will be able to make am lot of these too (probably not chips though…)

Will be hard two weeks ^^
My factory is actually at a consumption of 386 servos per hour and still have enough space to push the output to 4x as atm ;o)