Man troubles and Job Offer... harassment?

It seems that all of my Kudos friends have decided I am better suited for a low paying security guard job… Every other day I get 1 of the 3 harassing friends, calling me about a job change. This seems weird to me since it happened late in the game. I am getting frustrated because I am waiting for a guy to call and ask my character out, but he isn’t calling and they are!

Also… I have had that guy as a good friend and maxed relationship for 2 game years time and he has full attractiveness meter. He has never asked my character out… Is there something I am doing wrong? I always ask him out alone and he just keeps asking me to a dinner party with 2 other people. :confused:

are you in a good mood when you spend time with him?

Most of the time. I try to do things for myself on bad mood days and to go out on good days and especially the weekend. I am sure I have probably seen him on bad mood days as well. I do try to be in a good mood though because I always get a higher score.

I apologize for rambling :laughing:

I would suggest you take the hint and go after someone else :open_mouth: :laughing:

And remember … there’s no guarantee of a date.

Lol! I probably will. The way you put that is so funny! :laughing: