I am in one of the early stages of the game, and my band asked for a manager. So I hired one, but how can i keep the balance of my money straight with a manager, I tried to do more gigs but I lost more money to the manager than I won with the gig. I also tried do go to more expensive gigs (for me), like 500$, but then I also lost money before I could try to go to an other gig, with that price class.

Should I don’t take a manager or should i do something else?
Please help me!

(p.s. If I don’t give them a manager the band will get upset)

I recommend you don’t get a manager until you are selling out at the best venues you can play without a manager. Make sure you’re selling merchandise at the gigs, especially t-shirts but also posters and sweaters. That will give you the extra income required to pay for the bands wants. You can ignore band requests for a while, it isn’t necessary to answer every demand immediately.

You can keep the band happy in other ways. don’t tire them out too much, and rehearse in decent rehearsal studios. Also make sure you get them those cheap but handy things like keyboard stands and guitar cases.

They also tend to stay happier if you consistently do sold out shows. Play Joe’s Pub and The Blue Note Bar until you sell out there then move up and play there until… in other words, don’t go on to bigger venues until you’ve sold out the smaller guys.

Keep the band happy (by being good musicians, having good ‘chemistry’, buying them “cheap but handy things” and playing sold out shows… schmoozing at Moe’s in between gigs is a great way to unwind and build hype at the same time)

When you make a CD, even if it’s a lousy one at first, that’s also ‘merchandise’ that can be sold at shows for extra income.

cliffski typed:

This works for a lot of times when they say “we need this!” or “how come we don’t have one of those yet?” You don’t necessarily hafta go out and get a luxury rider just because one guy said it once, “keep them happy in other ways” and wait until two or more request the same thing.

Thanks for the help!
But not only one person askes for a manager, but all three of my musicians. But I will try to do the things you told!