Mandatory vaccinations + other policy thoughts

Mandatory vaccinations:

  • Health
  • Socialist
    -Healthcare demand

The scale could be to what level the government subsidises the vaccinations. Higher up on the scale would mean full government subsidisation so no impact to the poor, greatest positive impact to health and socialist, greatest negative impact to healthcare demand.

This policy would directly counteract the ‘deadly virus outbreak’ event.

Speaking of which, why doesn’t this event impact travel in any way? Certainly I would think it should impact airline travel.

I should be able to implement a short term lockdown policy when the disease outbreak is occurring which would then:

-travel (of all kinds)
-healthcare demand


  1. implement some sort of contact tracing taskforce or disease taskforce?
  2. There is an ID policy, but this from what I can tell in no way impacts elections? a mandatory voter ID policy would make sense and would be very interesting within the game
  3. Postal ballot policy ban - could be interesting as this ban would play out differently depending on whether an election was on or not. eg if the ban was in place over an election, it would negatively impact health as everyone would be out voting.

I know the game is called Democracy, but none of the above is all that far fetched in this day and age :wink:

Obviously these are my rough thoughts. Happy to hear others thoughts!

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There are Border Controls but I don’t see the ability through the slider or through a seperate policy to build a border wall.

I can change policies on here without needing the Supreme Court. Yes I know its a game, but simply saving capital to change abortion law seems very simplistic. Again, I get it, its a game and it should be simple and not TOO in depth, but for certain laws surely I need additional approval? Certainly an issue I see with this is that suddenly it would change the game a bit as now any major policy decisions would need supreme court approval (abortion, death penalty etc.)

To be honest, the more I think about it, the more I realise we need a Trump mod as it would genuinely make for a great game, but I do beleive some of the below could be implemented by the devs:

  1. Election interference (to help you win - talking about this being an ingame feature - not saying trump did or didnt do this)
  2. A way for international relations to be more important in the game (probably not possible in just a mod though). Things like changing trade agreements, paris climate change agreement, iran nuclear deal, friendly with Russia, election meddling with Ukraine (ability to investigate your opponents), making more money through demanding NATO countries pay more. I don’t believe this would be out of the scope of the game. This things have genuine impacts on all of the voter groups and even the income and expenditure within the current game.
  3. Restricting foreign ownership
  4. Restricting foreign technologies (Huawei, Tiktok)
    5.Imposing a travel ban on people from high risk regions
  5. Buying another country
  6. Policy to stop transgender people using school bathrooms in line with their gender

Not trying to turn this political, speaking purely about the policies here. The Trump factor makes this game actually incredibly fun, and things you wouldnt think would be in a democracy game suddenly become far more realistic and reasonable

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These are all good ideas. But I think that for the sake of simplicity, atleast where vaccines are converned “healthcare demand” is the generalization for that. This brings up the question, is death modelled in the game?

As for your Trump policies, yeah! That’d be a great inclusion into the game