Manual Fix for Steam


like others i also had the crash bug after i installed the latest dlc. So, I updated the game manually.
To do this, download the latest patch for your system from here:
Start the installer and point it to your Democracy 3 Steam Installation. Usually in Steam/SteamApps/common/Democracy3
Start the game and go to the mods setup to verify that the latest dlc is installed. If the activated mods are shown in green, you successfully updated to 1.14.
If they are not coloured, you did something wrong, sorry.
Worked for me. Hopefully it helps you, too.


edit: IMPORTANT: Make sure the destination folder in the installer does not end with a backslash or the updated contents will be placed in a wrong folder (…common\Democracy 3\Democracy 3).

You sir are awesome

Thanks jinx0r. You rule, man.

Can’t imagine why Positech didn’t address this, tho. Tsk, tsk.