Manual updates

Well, it got stuck on checking updates (zero network activity on GTB.exe after 5 mins) so I forcibly closed the game. I the cleared lst_chk.ini and relaunched - but it still doesn’t pick up on 1,02

Any way for me to force a redownload or manually update? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Additional note: It seems to get stuck quite a lot on the Bletchley/online stuff, for no particular reason I can gather. Generally it gets stuck on “getting daily pay” or “sending to Bletchley park” (after a mission). Anyone else get this? My NAT tends to interfere quite a lot with online stuff but I can’t enable port forwarding to check, no access to the router.

Have you put in your serial code and picked a username? if not, it wont get the patch, and that might fix the other delays too.

First thing I did on installing, heck the profile should show up on the servers (Commander name: John Hackett; Regiment name: Fishbait)

Can’t see any connection logs in the game files to check for any failed connections or retries, what ports does GTB use I could manually open?

Yeah. Not getting the update either and i also have serial code and all that punched in.

:slight_smile: Me three, but i already mentioned this on another post, just including it here in case this is the official place to note it.

Thank you,


Interesting, can you see the list of online games ok? (just to check that the game can connect through any firewall you may have, to see the server).

Can see and play in online games (might want to add a version checker in there, doubt there’s a HUGE balance difference but it could make for some funnies).

I’ve manually re-downloaded the installer, file size is slightly different so I’ll presume it’s the updated version. Everyone else should be able to grab it as well from their BMT links?

Ok, it looks like the problem may be that people either hit cancel just at the wrong moment, or the dialog saying “there is a patch downloaded” didn’t trigger in some cases.
Check mydocuments\my games\gratuitous tank battles\web\patches

If you see gtb_patch102.exe about 3.75MB, run that.

The game won’t download it again if it’s already there. I’ll make it so that it prompts you to run an ignored patch on startup in future…

:slight_smile: Thank you very much!