Manufactures productions and design of models

Hi everyone,

I don’t know if this has already posted, but I have 2 suggestions that could be interresting:

  1. Manufactures Productions.
    Have the ability to choose or to manage the types of components manufactured. For example:
    I program 10 Sedans : 5 “Standard”, 3 with the ECU and 2 with the stop and start engine. (3 different models).
    We are obliged to build 3 engines manufactures to have the 3 differents types of engines (1 “Standard”, 1 with the ECU and 1 with the stop and start system).
    It would be nice to be able to select what type of engines (or headlight or wingmirror), is produce by this manufacture.(When it’s upgraded).

  2. Design of models:
    To be able to design different models (that not have the same features), it would be interesting to have a tab that summarize the features already placed on the different models. Currently we are obliged to search in each model if the feature is put or not. I think that to have something like that, would allow us to see right away, what models can evolve or what new model we could create.


I do not know what you think and if it’s possible.

I like this idea

isn’t this kind of already in the game? You can make different models by creating similar model and then add features to it to make a new “trim level” per say.

Hello danbarone1994,

In the model part, we can actually create different models. But we have to switch between the different models to see what features have (or have not) been put. That’s why I think a summary tab would be interesting.